Jeremy Hewson DOP

Jeremy Hewson Director of Photography

Jeremy is a London-based DOP, specialising in comedy, drama, commercials, branded content, documentary and music – including many award-winning shows, both scripted and factual.



He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over a career spanning many years, giving him the ability to create any look required on any digital or film format.


With such expertise comes the ability to be fully adaptable. He’s just as comfortable shooting on a drama or commercial set, designing a lighting plan for a multi-cam studio or shooting a documentary or music video.


Jeremy was responsible for setting the shooting and lighting style for several successful first series, including Peter Kay’s Car Share, Bad Education and Marley’s Ghosts.


All of this is undertaken with creativity, diligence and the skill and expertise that comes from many years mastering his craft.

London based DOP Director of Photography